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Ag. Director General of BPSR, Mr. Ibrahim Arabi welcomed a three-man representative of the Accountability Lab–an NGO which specialized in evaluating Public Servants’ performance index and honoring them. The event took place at the Bureau on the 17th September, 2018.
In his remark, Arabi highlighted the various reform programmes the Bureau had embarked upon with focus on its developed Self Assessment Tool (SAT) to various MDAs. He explained that SAT is an automated on-line tool accessible through the Bureau assessment-test. According to him, the Tool is used to assess the health of an Organization and that it contains an element of independent evaluation aimed at assisting federal parastatals and agencies to assess themselves against local and international best practices to improve their performance and service delivery processes.
In his response the Country Director, Accountability Lab, Mr. Odey Friday expressed gratitude to the Ag. DG for the warm reception accorded them. He explained that the Organization is set to carry out assessment on public servants and issue awards of excellence in order to encourage them.
He said the process is called the ‘Name ‘N’ Fame’ whereby the names of Nigerians are engraved on plagues and they are given the platform to interact with citizens. He also spoke of the Organization’s international links and how they could make the winners enjoy international accolades.
Odey stressed that the above process creates a veritable platform for Nigerians to celebrate themselves and downplay the international “bad” perception which is a stigma on us abroad.
The Ag. DG advised the Organization to formalize its intents and possibly sign an MOU with BPSR to strengthen the ties. In conclusion, Arabi pledged the Bureau’s support to Accountability Lab in the spirit of nation building and said that his doors are always open to Citizens Engagement in order to have a truly reformed society.

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