Severance Matters

a. Number of staff severed up to April, 2009

     • MDAs = 39,420
     • Parastatals = 49,064

b. Number of staff re-instated based on successful appeals

     • MDAs = 8,023
     • Parastatals = 705

c. Payment of Terminal Benefits (Batches 1 – 18)

     • MDAs = 33,772 paid staff
     • Amount = N25,605,172,706.28

Parastatals = 36,721 staff paid

Amount = N28,679,040,198.78

The payment of Batches 19 – 21 have been processed, computed and awaiting payment by the Office of Accountant-General of the Federation.

MDAs Batch 22 has also been submitted to Pension Commission for computation.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To facilitate the building of Nigeria’s Public Service into a highly functional, professional, customer focused and results oriented institution.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To have an Integrity and Merit based Professional Public Service, driven by National Interest and Efficient Management of Resources and Talents

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