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The five (5) MDAs that EU-SUFEGOR covers are as follows:

     i.   Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF);

    ii.  Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR);

   iii. National Planning Commission (NPC);

   iv. Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS);

    v.  National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

4.  The Operational Management Structure (OMS) for  EU-SUFEGOR is at five (5) levels; i.e. the National Authorizing Officer (NAO); Project Coordination Committee (PCC); Project Implementation Agency (PIA) (i.e. BPSR); National Planning Commission (NPC) and the Technical Assistance Team (TAT). Of relevance to this submission is the OMS on the PCC and PIA. The Project Coordination Committee (PCC) is to provide technical guidance, planning and coordination of implementation of project activities, quality assurance and monitoring the progress of project implementation. The PCC is expected to be chaired by a Permanent Secretary in the OHCSF or a designated representative. Other members of the PCC will be made up of representatives of the rank of Directors drawn from the NPC, Federal Ministry of Finance, FIRS and National Bureau of Statistics. A Director from the BPSR will serve as the Secretary and a representative of the EU Delegation will serve as an observer. The PCC is to meet every month and among others responsibilities; approve work plans and reports submitted to it by the Project Implementation Agency. 

5.  The Project Implementation Agency (PIA) is the BPSR, which is saddled with the primary responsibility for the day-to-day operational activities of EU-SUFEGOR and to relate with other agencies as well as the OMS on implementation issues. 

6.  The EU-SUFEGOR establishes also the governance structures for the project, namely: the Public Service Reform Committee (PSRC) and Project Steering Committee (PSC). The Project Steering Committee is essentially to supervise the implementation of the project at the highest level. Its members will include representative from the OHCSF (as chairman), NPC, FMF, FIRS, NBS, EU-Delegation (as observer) and the BPSR to serve as the Secretariat to the Committee.

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