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The Bureau of Public Service Reforms(BPSR),BPSR has organised a seminar for public officers to bring about more insights into the operations of the Federal Road Safety Corps,(FRSC) Speaking at the seminar on Tuesday in Abuja, the Director-General, BPSR Mr Dasuki Arabi gave the charged at the June 2019 Lunch Time Reform Seminar organised BPSR with the theme: “Key Governance and Services Delivery Issues Faced by the FRSC in the Process of Issuing Drivers License and its Role in Reducing Road Accidents”. Arabi said road crashes have been identified both globally and domestically as a socio-economic challenge. According to him, the World Health Organisation (WHO), by 2030, road traffic crashed is expected to become the fifth leading cause of death worldwide, overtaking AIDS, tuberculosis, and cancers of the trachea, bronchus and lungs. Speaking on the estimated road crashes, he said that it’s was estimated globally 1.2 million people die annually due to road crashes and about 60 million people suffer varying degrees of injuries as a result thereof. He said that this has dire consequences on the society, as it results in an increased burden on the social security and welfare system of a country, with an ever increasing loss of skills and rising cost to the economy. According to him, human factors account for a large percentage of all crashes. These crashes are in fact avoidable.

The DG said that safety of the road for all users remains a shared responsibility, which brings about the main reason the FRSC was created to throw more light on the matter. He said the whole essence of holding public office was not to satisfy any abstract ideals but to make life better for the citizenry in terms of shelter, food, good healthcare systems, education and security of lives and property. “This is because modern democratic practice worldwide assumes that, Government derive mandates from the people and the major goal of governance is to enhance the welfare of the entire citizenry,” he said. He added that public service was is the vehicle for public service delivery and governance. He added that the quality of the public service largely determined the pace of development of any nation. “This is because of the crucial role public servants play in the formation and implementation of programs of governments. “ The public officers who are meant to propel the engine of societal growth through bureaucracy, as a matter of principle, set good examples to other members of the society by acting above board,” he said.

In his Presentation, FRSC Corp Marshal Boboye Oyeyemi, In a bid to reduce road crashes to the barest minimum, drivers educators would go through serious scrutining. Oyeyemi, who was represented by the deputy Corp Marshal Kenneth Nwaegbe said that ensuring a safer roads was a collective duty that rest on all Nigerians. According to him, accident are caused by human factor hence the responsibility of ensuring safer roads rest on all Nigerians.

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