Mr. Dasuki I. Arabi

Digital Literacy

Mr. Dasuki I. Arabi - 1 year ago

The awareness campaign organised by the Institute of Information Management (IIM) Africa, is to upscale and improve the digital literacy of the Nigerian public service. “This gesture will no doubt improve transparency and accountability in the service and assist the government with the right quality and caliber of public service workforce relevant in this age.’’ Digital literature is critical to the growth and development of economies in developed and developing countries. “It is also one of the most critical factors for enhancing good governance and service delivery. The national data transformation aims to improve the transparency, flexibility reliability, and sustainability of digital services and to reduce digital service time and cost in line with the e-Govemment Master Plan. “It also seeks to strengthen Public Private Partnership (PPP), support the private sector design and development of government services. “It builds accountability and cooperation and improves Nigeria’s status and participation in the field of digital transformation,”


Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR)

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