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The Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR) is a body established on 4th February, 2004 by the Federal Government to initiate, coordinate and ensure full implementation of public service reforms in Nigeria. The Bureau’s Vision is to drive change that will position Nigeria’s Public Service as an institution of excellence and the Mission is to facilitate the building of Nigeria’s Public Service into a highly functional, professional, customer-focused and result-oriented institution.



It is charged with the following functions:

  • Initiating action plan on reforms at different levels for the attention of the Steering Committee on Reforms;
  • Elucidating government policies on reforms;
  • Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating reform implementation activities;
  • Conducting research on implementation efforts and presenting best practices models;
  • Providing advisory and technical support services for change management teams and working groups;
  • Engendering an environment of learning among MDAs;
  • Disseminating information on all aspects of reforms, and;
  • Submitting quarterly progress reports on reform activities to the Steering Committee on Reforms.

In addition to the functions, the Bureau’s operational approach consists of the following strategy focus:

  • Establishing policies and guidelines on reforms;
  • Relating with public organizations to encourage reforms and obtain information on their progress;
  • Intervening to initiate service-wide reforms;
  • Coordinating reform programmes;
  • Briefing government on reform programmes and obtaining necessary approvals;
  • Budgeting for and financing critical service-wide and sometimes MDA/Parastatals-based reform programmes and;
  • Interacting with relevant stakeholders on reform issues and
  • Communicating with the public.


Our Mission

To facilitate the building of Nigeria’s Public Service into a highly functional, professional, customer focused and results oriented institution. 

Our Vision

As a result of the BPSR implementing its mandate, we see a nation with a well functioning, effective and efficient socio-economic system.  

Our Mandate

To initiate, coordinate, monitor and ensure full implementation of government reform policies and programmes.

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